VibroUniT - Universal Transmitter for Eddy-Current Proximity Probes


  • Universally applicable for measuring both the shaft vibration and the axial shaft position.
  • Save high investment costs for the application of discontinued vibration monitors while gaining increased monitoring quality and setting comfort!
  • VibroUniT enables vibration monitoring, even during the critical startup period.
  • The loop sensitivity is freely adjustable.
  • Combinable with systems from any manufacturer; existing components (sensors, oscillators, extension cables) can be kept.

Monitoring of the critical startup period

Immediately after starting a machine, individual vibration measuring points are inherently designed to indicate an oscillation level above the shut-off values. Overriding the vibration monitor during the startup period is common practice, but is absolutely inadvisable. VibroUniT provides you with the ideal problem solution; the measuring range is automatically adapted to the operating conditions during startup.

The transmitter gives a - 20 mA signal that is proportional to the peak-to-peak vibration value; limit value monitoring is performed in a downstream system. Thanks to the automatic measuring range changeover, the same limit value always applies.

VibroUniT facilitates the correct setting of the loop sensitivity

We recommend that the loop sensitivity is determined at the start-up of the vibration measurement system; both the kmo probe holder and the kmo SensiChecker are suitable for this purpose. If the determined loop sensitivity is entered in VibroUniT, an optimum level of measuring and display accuracy can be achieved.

kmo VibroUniT
is delivered with customer-specific parameter settings. All parameters can be changed via a parameterization interface in order to ensure that the system is optimally adapted to the respective operational requirements.

The signal course of the first 60 seconds after the startup is automatically recorded and evaluated in accordance with various criteria. The values can be read and graphically represented with the aid of the parameterization software. 



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